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(Pocket-lint) - The Kobo Mini wants to win a place in your pocket, offering a smaller format ebook reader at an even smaller price.

If squeezing 6-inches of ereader into your pocket is just too much, then the Kobo Mini's 5-inches might put a smile on your face, measuring 101.6 x 113.1 x 10.3mm and weighing just 134g, 

The 5-inch E Ink touchscreen display offers 16 shades of grey, but we don't have any details on resolution. 

The E Ink display means it will offer great battery life - more than two weeks with Wi-Fi turned off - while remaining visible outdoors, thanks to the glare-free finish. 

Internally there is 2GB of memory, although only 1GB is available to the user. This should give you enough storage for about 1,000 books.

Kobo boasts that the Kobo Mini is the smallest and lightest ebook reader on the market. It can't take the thinnest crown, as that has been claimed by the BeBook Pure (8mm), but it does win on price. 

At just £59.99, this could be a veritable bargain, undercutting the Kindle's entry-level £89 offering. 

We'd say that Amazon still has the edge when it comes to pricing and titles, but Kobo isn't bad when it comes to buying books through the device. 

The advantage that the Kobo system offers is that it supports ePub, including those DRM titles, so if compatible with most online bookstores and existing books you might have. It's worth reading our review of the Kobo eReader Touch Edition for all the details on the Kobo system.

Of course, if you buy through Kobo itself (the selection is reasonable), you'll get the advantage of syncing with your BlackBerry, Android or iPhone Kobo app.

To hit that £59.99 price point there has been a general lowering of specs from the Kobo Glo, also announced today, that offers screen illumination, a larger battery, bigger display and expandable memory. 

The Kobo Mini will be available from 1 October.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 16 April 2013.