The Wall Street Journal is to host a series of seminars and showcases in the heart of Tech City in London. Running from 12 to 14 September, the New York-based journal's inaugural Tech Cafe will stage discussions with leading technology influencers, including Google and Facebook.

And, in a much-welcomed move, the event will not be exclusive to journalists or the tech industry. Members of the public are invited to pre-register for sessions, with entry being completely free.

There will be panel discussions, question and answer sessions and fireside chat-style interviews with major tech brands that also include Telef√≥nica and Berg. Subjects will include start-up success, VC funding, privacy policy, the role of social media in customer interaction, and the future of technology.

Ben Rooney, the Journal's European technology editor, and Alan Murray, executive editor of The Wall Street Journal Online, will be the hosts for the sessions, and running throughout will be an augmented reality enhanced exhibition of the Journal's iconic "hedcuts" of global technology influencers, including associated video interviews.

The Wall Street Journal Tech Cafe will be held at The Book Club in Shoreditch from 8am on 12 September to 5pm on 14 September. You can pre-register to attend at