Tata Motors has been showing off a new concept car that runs on compressed air and will give you 125 miles per full tank of…well, air.

The three-wheeler is controlled via a joystick rather than a steering wheel and utilises pneumatic motors, which use pressurised air to drive the car’s pistons. Tata Motors says the Airpod concept car can reach a top speed of 50 miles per hour. 

But this vehicle is not about speed, it’s about economy. A full tank requires 175 litres of compressed air at a cost of just one euro, which Tata Motors says will provide 125 miles of travel. As for the vehicle itself? That should cost only around 7,000 euros.

The Airpod can carry three people at a time, including the driver, though one will have to sit facing the back window.

Tata Motors hopes to get the vehicles on the road in India, and there’s also been interest from South America.