It's only a week or so since the London 2012 Olympic Games and the sportsmen and women we revered in such lofty fashion are yesterday's news. They've moved on, and we're looking for new idols. It's a fickle business.

Bradley Wiggins may be about to compete in the Tour of Britain now that he's both an Olympic Games gold medalist and Tour de France winner, but another cyclist has caught our eye: Mr Tiny-bike-riding-man.

Presumably Russian, considering the headline language, Mr Tiny-bike-riding-man fishes what must be the smallest working bike in the world out of his rucksack and manages to get quite a distance before the end of the clip. It's a fine blend of talent and clowning around that has already proven somewhat of a hit on YouTube.

Now we present it to you.

Next up, we want to see a race between Mr Tiny-bike-riding-man and Sir Chris Hoy. He may be the greatest Olympic cyclist of all time, but our money's on the Russian.