All the best on-screen novelists use a typewriter, Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote, Ewan McGregor's character in Moulin Rouge, and David Duchovny in Californication - and now you can too, with a new accessory for your iPad, if you can convince the designer to make you one. 

Called the iTypewriter, the gadget is an landscape iPad dock that lets you type on a traditional-looking typewriter, but instead of the hammers punching through a ribbon on to some Conquerer paper, the hammers have rubber feet, similar to the iPad stylus pens you can buy, ready to punch your iPad and the on-screen keyboard.

Austin Yang, a product design and mechanical engineering student, at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland, created the device.

Sadly for typewriter fans there don't appear to be any plans to turn this into an accessory you can buy anytime soon.