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(Pocket-lint) - British holidaymakers may have been looking for sunnier climes abroad this summer (at least, until the freakish heatwave we've just gone through), but Virgin Media has come up with a plan to attract them back to the beaches of the UK: cram a beach hut with as many cool gadgets as you can.

Specially commisioned by the TV, broadband and mobile service provider, the hut on Beach Green in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, has was pimped out with no fewer than 15 top tech treats and the lovely TV presenter and friend of Pocket-lint Suzi Perry to test them.


virgin media pimps out beach hut to be gadget lovers dream holiday destination image 2

Naturally, a Virgin Media TiVo box was installed, alongside one of the company's Superhubs to route the broadband connection. However, plenty of other products made it into the 10ft x 8ft hut, which Perry herself advised on, with the remit being "sophisticated seaside living".

A Sonos wireless hi-fi system, Samsung 3D TV, Xbox 360 with Kinect, Nikon AW100 camera, iPad and PAL+ DAB radio made it into the install. And one of Suzi Perry's own top five gadgets - the Bubblescope lens attachment for iPhone, which allows you to capture 360 degree snapshots - was also present.

virgin media pimps out beach hut to be gadget lovers dream holiday destination image 6

"As more of us are embracing ‘stay-cations’, spending time at the beach has become an integral part of British family holidays," said Perry. "I think gadget-enhanced huts like this will become increasingly desirable, as it means the whole family will be entertained - whether there’s rain or shine, or simply just to keep in touch with friends and family while away from home."

Sadly, the Virgin Media beach hut isn't open to the public, but you can always come and have a play in the Pocket-lint sand pit round the back of our sheds. You'll have to bring your own bucket and spade, mind.

Writing by Rik Henderson.