US online gadget retailer ThinkGeek has added a cute and practical USB Hub to its catalogue of wonderments that immediately falls into the "want badly" category here at Pocket-lint.

The USB Toaster Hub and Thumbdrives - to give it its full name - is a USB 2.0 device with four ports, offering up to 480mbps transfer and access speed. The wee gizmo includes a 1-metre long cable and an SD card on the side for good measure.

get a slice of the action with the usb toaster hub image 3

However, you can't have a toaster without toast, so four 4GB charred bread-based USB memory sticks are also available, each with different cute names. There's Butta, Ry Ry, Crisp and Tato. Unfortunately, the manufacturer clearly dispensed with the idea of "Burnt on one side", which would be more fitting with the only setting on the Pocket-lint office toaster, but you can't have everything.

The Hub itself costs $27.99, while each of the drives is priced at $27.99. If you don't want the dedicated memory sticks however, the toaster will work with any regular USB stick.

The whole kit and caboodle is available from ThinkGeek. UK buyers can also have the item(s) shipped for an extra fee.

get a slice of the action with the usb toaster hub image 4