Forget your clever camera settings, apps and Photoshop skills, here’s how to get the perfect panoramic photo: clip your phone into the iStabilizer Dolly and wheel it along any flat surface.

The Dolly is compatible with any size smartphone, GoPro device (GoPro’s tripod mount is also needed) or digital camera, complete with protective cases (up to 2.75-inches wide). Held in place by clamps that keep the camera secure and steady, there’s an 11-inch adjustable arm that can be moved according to whatever angle you want to capture your shots.

The Dolly can then be pushed along any flat surface with the four large wheels keeping your shots steady. Of course iStabilizer’s Dolly can also be used to record video – an example of which can be seen below. 

Measuring 8x3x5 inches and weighing in at 567 grams, the iStabilizer Dolly is available now and can be bought from for $59.95.

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