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(Pocket-lint) - We've dabbled with Golf GPS systems here on Pocket-lint before, namely the Garmin Approach G5 and Approach S1 watch. However, when you don't quite need all the features those kind of devices offer, and you'd like to know how far away from the flag you are, without slowing down your play (or those behind), you might want to check out the GolfBuddy Voice.

It is the smallest GPS device we've had in our hands-on. Smaller than an iPod nano, the GolfBuddy Voice does feature a mini black and white LCD screen in order to give you a yardage read-out (when the satellite signal is being picked up correctly), but that's not really its point.

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As its name reveals, this tiny unit actually speaks each reading out aloud, so you don't have to look at it at all during play.

It can store up to 40,000 courses, with clubs from around the world already pre-installed. There are no annual or download fees involved, just the initial cost, and it can recognise courses automatically, based on their GPS position.

You can set the device to tell you the distance to either the front, back or centre of each green, and it comes with a dynamic green view.

The GolfBuddy Voice runs off of a lithium polymer battery - claimed to last up to nine hours on one charge - and a charger and USB cable are included in the box.

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However, the best thing for us - based on what we saw of the device at the recent Amazon Wish List event in London - is that it comes with a rear clip and can therefore be hooked anywhere, including on the peak of a golf cap. It's easy then to forget it's there, until the dulcet tones of a lovely lady remind us that we're 157 yards away from the hole.

Unfortunately, we couldn't get it working fully at the event, partly because we couldn't get a satellite signal inside an old hall in the middle of the city, and partly because we weren't anywhere near a golf course. But the demo mode gave us enough indication to confirm that we'd find one of these great use during actual play.

The GolfBuddy Voice costs £159.95 and is available on Amazon.co.uk now.

Writing by Rik Henderson.