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(Pocket-lint) - Regardless of whether you're after a diving watch or not, the Golana ADQ100 is a beautiful thing to behold. It's wonderfully chunky from the typeface of the digits on the face all the way through to the polished-chrome housing. The minute you take it into your hand as well as your sight, the only question that you have is whether or not your wrist is classy enough to carry it off. It is.

Part of the Swiss company's diving range - it has separate lines for mountaineering and flying - the Golana ADQ100 is a 500m watch which, although doesn't actually mean it can withstand pressures at 500m below sea level, gives you enough leeway to wear it even on the deepest of leisure dives. It also includes a helium release valve, so that you can keep it in check manually when you get towards its limits.

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As we say though, you don't even need to be a diver to appreciate it. The ribbed, black rubber strap is seriously stylish; the winder has the size and importance of the volume dial on a top end amplifier and the bezel clicks round with the kind of assurance that it'll be doing so long after your demise. In short, if you like a modern take on a classic watch, then you should probably consider treating yourself to this £769 device.

You'll find the Golana ADQ100 in stock on Amazon, as well as other stores, in time for Christmas 2012 and there's a few of its brethren available now if you're not prepared to wait.

Writing by Dan Sung.