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(Pocket-lint) - Many mull over the question, "What do you buy the man who has everything?" The answer is quite simple: get him a better version of something he already has, and what better an idea than an upgrade to his conventional push or pull golf trolley?

Stewart Golf certainly has the right idea. While Pocket-lint has been helped in golf rounds by electric trolleys in the past, there's still the slight effort of having to hold on to it in transit.

Pocket-lintstewart golf x7 lithium remote golf trolley pictures and hands on image 1

That's where the company's X7 Lithium Remote Trolley comes into its own. Although it can be held on to (electronically helped, of course), it also comes with a separate remote control that turns it into a guided caddy for those who, a) may need help around the course, and b) who haven't got over the fact that they never did get that RC Ferrari 288 GTO for Christmas 1985.

The trolley will respond to forward, left, right and reverse controls, and is capable of communicating with the remote at up to 50 metres - certainly far enough way to give fellow golfers a fright while you hide in the bushes (more than normal, that is).

Be careful with that mind. At over 14kg, the X7 Lithium is a sturdy beast, as we found out at the recent Amazon Wish List event, where we got to whizz it about at surprisingly fast speeds, considering. If it hits somebody in the ankle, it can cause serious damage.

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Of course, it's not exactly designed to be mishandled in a hall in central London, and you're less likely to need to swerve around fellow journalists and public relations people on the golf course. What we can say though, is that we would have no worries about the weight of our golf bags, we're pretty sure this trolley could handle the lot.

It also has holes for tees, a scorecard holder and an efficient 12V battery. It can be folded to fit into the boot of a car and you can find out more on stewartgolf.co.uk. Amazon has it in stock now in white, black, racing green and silver for £999.

Writing by Rik Henderson.