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(Pocket-lint) - Nike has created a Facebook app that allows runners of the British 10K on Sunday 8 July to get messages on huge billboards as they make their way around the race track in London. 

Available to all those who are running (Pocket-lint included) users will be able to sign up to the British 10K app by entering their race number. After sharing the app with your Facebook details you are set to go.

"By signing up, your friends will be able to send you messages of support, from Facebook straight to giant screens along the course. We notify them when you set off, they send you Cheers – which you see as you run," says Nike ahead of the big race in London.  

british 10k facebook and nike lets friends cheer you on live as you race image 2

Those that sign up also get an added bonus: by registering your race number you’ll activate your DTAG race chip, which will track you as you run, so your friends can follow your progress, live.

When you've finally crossed the finish line you'll be able to look back and see your race time, speed, splits, in the same way as with the company's iPhone and Android app, Nike+.

The race starts at 9:35am on Sunday 8 July. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.