A team of developers is working on an app that aims to prevent injury among runners by monitoring their running style.

The Runnr.me app works in tandem with a sensor embedded into a runner’s trainer. The app can then monitor how a person’s foot works in relation to their running style, advising them if they need to change with live radio feedback. 

The app tracks your metrics displaying the information on your smartphone, such as the force in which your foot is hitting the ground and stride length.

runnr me app will help joggers avoid injury with live radio feedback image 2

Runnr.me says that up to 80 per cent of regular runners are injured each year from bad running techniques, with heel striking and ankle rolling being among some of the most common injuries. 

The team claims that by using its app and sensor not only will you help avoid injury, but also  improve your technique and subsequently your performance.

Runnr.me is still being developed and the company is openly looking for iOS developers to join it in helping build the application. You can get it in touch with the team via their website.

Would you download Runnr.me should it become available? Let us know what you think.