A scientist has managed to attach a laser beam to a shark, fulfilling the desire of Austin Powers’ nemesis, Dr Evil.

The spectacle took place in the Bahamas and was caught on film as daredevil and Australian marine biologist Luke Tipple swam up to a lemon shark before clipping the laser on its fin.

Tipple had already been assembling a similar piece of kit geared towards attaching a camera to a shark’s dorsal fin, that he hopes will provide footage from a shark’s viewpoint.

However, when Hong Kong-based company Wicked Lasers heard about Tipple and his plans, they convinced him to swap a camera for one of their modified 150mW S3 Krypton lasers.

With the experiment a success Tipple was keen to emphasise that the shark was not harmed in anyway and hopes to continue his quest at attaching a camera. 

Ok so it might not be the heavily armoured predator Dr Evil had in mind, but it proves it’s possible.

If we were Dr Evil we’d suggest he looks into hiring Luke Tipple as his number two.

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