Plessey Semiconductors has introduced a heart rate monitor that can be worn on your wrist as you would a watch.

The device is built in such a way that a sensor electrode remains in contact with the skin on your wrist. Users can then touch a second electrode on the front of the device, which will calculate their heart rate.

Plessey calls its technology Epic sensor and has made the device Bluetooth compatible so users can view their heart rate on both their wrist and on their tablet or smartphone.

The aim is to appeal to fitness fanatics, assisting them in calculating their aerobic performance using pulse rates, but can also be used to help detect any irregularities in the heart.

As well as the wristwatch design, Plessey has also designed a device that fits around the upper arm, much in the same way as the Adidas miCoach for example.

Again built with two electrode contacts, the device straps around the arm ensuring both electrodes are in constant contact with skin, which in turn will monitor the heart rate continuously.

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