(Pocket-lint) - New start-up Pebble Technology has created a watch that has become something of a major sensation, even before it's hit the market. The device, called Pebble, sports an e-paper display that can even be read in direct sunlight and its ability to hook up to both the iPhone and Android smartphones allows it to be, according to the firm, "infinitely customisable".

However, what's really put the Pebble into the public eye is the fact that, through listing it on project-funding website Kickstarter, the company has so far raised more than $3 million in less than a week.

More backing is expected in the coming month, as the close date for funding is set as 18 May 2012. But prospective backers are urged to get in quickly, as many of the pledge packages are now sold out.

The watch itself promises some amazing features. Being electronic, not only can its face be completely customised, but the manufacturer also promises a multitude of apps. It can be used as a bike computer, for example, or a golf rangefinder.

The iPhone and Android apps link directly to the watch via Bluetooth, and allow you to choose the new face design from your smartphone. It is through the phones that you also load dedicated Pebble applications on to the device. Plus, the Pebble features incoming call alerts, email reading through Gmail or other IMAP services, calendar alerts, Facebook messages and much, much more.

Android users even get one up on their iPhone-owning chums (enemies?) as text messages can be read on the Pebble (the iPhone doesn't expose SMS data for external use, says Pebble Technology).

The Pebble watch will be $150 when it finally comes out, but if you want to ensure you're one of the first to get one, you should pledge some cash. All Kickstarter backers will get one of the watches when they are available.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.