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(Pocket-lint) - First discovered by Pocket-lint in 2009, the folding plug concept by Min-Kyu Choi has now become a reality, for you to buy and put in your bag. Pocket-lint went hands-on for a quick review with the new USB charger from Made in Mind to see whether it is worth the bother.

The new Mu plug measures 14mm thick and promises to reduce the overall traditional plug size by 70 per cent. It can promise that because of a clever folding system that, when packed for travel, means that the traditional three prongs are folded in a line rather than a triangle sticking out.

Pocket-linthands on mu usb adapter folding plug review image 3

Going for optimum flexibility, instead of a dedicated cable system, the Mu USB adapter has - as the name suggests -  a USB socket on the back, meaning you'll be able to charge your phone or tablet.

It does mean though, that this is out of bounds for cameras and your laptop. Although there is promise of a more heavy-duty option in the future.

It's one that you'll probably want if you are looking to charge that iPad too, because the charging capability here isn't as powerful as the charger used to recharge most tablets. It will work, but it won't be as fast.

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What you do end up with is a device that looks good and will fit in your bag without digging into your other gadgets or getting tangled. Plus, it's something that looks cool and you'll be keen to show it off to any mates who are also impressed with innovative design.

The bad news is that it costs £25, about £10 too much in our minds. However, it will save you space in your bag and prove to your friends that you know good innovation when you see it.

Writing by Stuart Miles.