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(Pocket-lint) - We know you are the kind of person that likes to work out, we know that you are the kind of person that can't be bothered to go to the gym, we know that your time is precious and that any chance to multitask is gratefully welcomed.

In steps the professional-grade exercise bike the Technogym Recline Personal, that not only promises to give you all the exercise stats you need, but also to let you watch movies from your iPhone, surf the web, watch TV, or merely record your performance to Nike+.

Besides the exercise bit - which, incidentally offers more than 23 programs, divided by time, distance, calories and also by specific goals such as weight loss - the crux of the Recline Personal is that its 15-inch tempered glass touchscreen display also includes a dock for connecting USB devices, iPods and iPhones.

Not resisting the chance to have a play, we headed down to Harrods, the exclusive UK retailer, to have a go.

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Rather than opt for Android as most things do these days, the Personal Recline uses an incredibly easy to use custom interface that has big on-screen buttons, making it easy to press and select things while you are going ten bells to the wind exercising. Myriad options give you web surfing, the ability to watch Freeview TV if you are able to plug in an aerial, and the chance to dock your iPhone or iPod touch to watch or listen to music among other things. Websites can be bookmarked for easier acccess or you can just bring up the on screen keyboard.

In something that sounds like it is from a dystopian future, to access any of the services you have to be pedalling. If you stop, the access to the browser, or TV, or whatever, stops with it (give or take a couple of minutes). You really do have to keep pedalling.

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Those who like music while they train can either use the speakers under the seat or the headphone jack for a more personal experience.

In the driving seat, so to speak, and the Recline Personal is very comfortable indeed. The seat is well padded, at a comfortable reclined setting, and comes complete with cup holders for those who care about these things.

Those more concerned about its sporting prowess will be please to see that the system also has Nike + support so your sessions are recorded and then can be uploaded to Nike.com and then analysed later.

On the exercise front as we've said there are 23 different programs divided by time, distance, calories and also by specific goals such as weight loss and resistance runs from 30 to 500 watts with 25 levels of difficulty to manage your exercise based on what you are trying to achieve.

Recline Personal also features Hand Sensors which are small plaques located on the handles that let you keep your heart rate under control and there is a central handlebar if you need to hold on.

It's a premise that carries on throughout the whole device. This isn't some cheap plastic looking exercise system but one that has been designed to fit into your house rather than a spare bedroom where you don't want anyone to see it. It is designed in Italy, don't you know.

The catch? It is £6,500. Still, if budget isn't an issue this is certainly a lot more classier than just trying to prop your iPad up on the console in front of you next time you are at the gym.

You can find out more about the Personal Recline at the company's website.

Writing by Stuart Miles.