French design studio Agence 360 is about to put its foldable urban bike helmet, Overade, into commercial production this year. A prototype was first made in 2010, by designer Patrick Jouffret in collaboration with engineer Philippe Arrouart, and the company now believes it is ready to hit the market.

Agence 360 says the Overade is as sturdy and safe as a conventional bicycle helmet, yet can be folded into a small form factor to fit into a bag or backpack. It can, therefore, be carried more conveniently in an urban situation (on the Tube, for example).

There's no news on who the manufacturer may be, but it's worth keeping an eye out for further announcements later this year, especially if you're planning on buying one of the Pacific Cycles folding bikes Pocket-lint featured at the end of January. We can't think of a better match to an iF Mode or, more specifically, iF Urban 700 than an Overade foldable helmet.

And, if you're a contortionist, you could all fold up neatly into a suitcase or carry bag in order to travel. Probably.

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