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(Pocket-lint) - Audio specialist Pioneer has announced that its latest network audio players; the Pioneer N-50 and the Pioneer N-30, have landed on UK soil.

Both of the players come rocking Apple's AirPlay wireless streaming magic right out of the box and they are both DLNA 1.5 certified as well.

There are apps available to control the setups too, for both Android and iOS - that's if you don't want to get busy with the supplied remote control and the onboard 2.4-inch QVGA colour display.

These players will handle most music that you chuck at them, including top-end digital audio files such as 192kHz/24-Bit FLAC and WAV files, and they're both packing a high-accuracy master clock, "which minimizes time-axis errors resulting in highly precise clock performance".

Direct USB playback is available on the front and the N-50 also packs an asynchronous USB DAC, allowing direct connection with your PC, eliminating the need to fire up your home network. The N-50 also ramps things up with gold-plated RCA jacks and a tougher casing designed to reduce noise, as well as boasting hi-bit 32 audio processing skills too.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi aren't standard though unfortunately - you'll have to shell out for additional adaptors for these features.

The Pioneer N-30 and Pioneer N-50 are available now priced at £349.99 for the former, £150 more for the latter.

Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 16 April 2013.