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(Pocket-lint) - The Qualcomm Mirasol has turned up for a bow in the shape of the Kyobo eReader at CES 2012.

Kyobo is Korea’s leading bookstore and will give owners of the 5.7-inch device access to 90,000 ebooks including the Steve Jobs biography, a month before any other Korean digital outlet.

As for the device itself, it packs a 5.7-inch XGA display (1024 x 768, 223ppi) and Qualcomm’s 1GHz Snapdragon S2 class processor. There's a custom UI sitting on top of Android 2.3. Battery life is said to be "weeks" but that's only with the brightness set to 25 per cent and 30 minutes reading a day.

Pocket-lintkyobo ereader pictures and hands on image 6

Even at 100 per cent, the brightness of the screen on the Kyobo from the Mirasol tech is still not anywhere near a rich OLED or AMOLED, but the plan from Qualcomm chief Paul Jacobs is to get it that way further down the line. For the time being though, it's still quite a treat to see. The colour lifts if far beyond a normal reader and, although marginally washed out, it does lend a certain newspaper quality to it and that's not such a bad thing.

The tablet itself seems a touch small initially and might well feel that way were it all about browsing, apps and video, but 5.7 inches turns out to be pretty much bang on if your main use for it is going to be reading. We look forward to spending a lot more time in the Kyobo's company should it make it out of Korea soon. The £200 price tag would also work well too.

Writing by Dan Sung.