Griffin has launched a couple of iPhone/iPad accessories that should appeal to iOS music makers, as its MidiConnect and StudioConnect should bring flexibility to any musician working with the OS and its GarageBand software.

MIDIConnect joins Griffin's GuitarConnect Pro in providing compact, input solutions for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. StudioConnect is basically a tracking, editing and overdubbing companion for GarageBand. The desktop unit serves as an all-in-one interface for audio, MIDI-In and MIDI-Out as well as a charging dock for the iPad device.

 "GarageBand has put powerful audio production tools within reach of any musician with an idea and an iPad," said Mark Rowan, president of Griffin Technology. "We've made it easy to connect your real instruments with GarageBand and control every aspect of your project."

The multipurpose StudioConnect for iPad combines both audio and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) recording into one compact device that also simultaneously charges the iPad. StudioConnect should make recording music on the iPad more of a pain-free process, and in Griffin's words: "give aspiring musicians a chance to produce professional sounding recordings".

MIDIConnect will be available this spring for $79.99. StudioConnect will be available in February for $149.99