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(Pocket-lint) - Every year at CES we spot a wealth of weird and wonderful gadgets competing with the high-end TVs, cutting edge mobile devices and brand new technologies that dominate the headlines.

This year, one of our favourite "left-field" devices is Tagg The Pet Tracker. If you've got a dastardly dog or a curious cat that likes to wander off where it is not supposed to go then this could be just the bit of kit for you.

It sits on your pooch or feline friend's collar and, using GPS technology developed by Qualcomm, allows you to keep track of where your pet is. You can set a pet-zone (between 75m and 1000m) and be alerted by email or text should your four-legged friend stray away from it and, using the web-based software or a mobile app, locate its position on a Google Map.

Pocket-linttagg the pet tracker collar keeps your pets smart image 3

Tagg is water resistant so should hold up in the rain and the battery life is 30 days. You'll also get a text or email to tell you if it needs charging.

It's out now in the States and the Tagg rep at CES told us that a UK launch is on the horizon. Across the pond it costs $99 and $7.99 to subscribe to the service. Not cheap, but certainly cheaper than a vet's bill should Fido or Garfield run under a car.

Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 16 April 2013.