Griffin has debuted a new gadget for travellers looking to mount their smartphone or ereader on the seat in front of them on the train or plane.

Called the Tray Table Latch Mount, catchy we know, the new gadget is a two-part mounting system designed to be compatible with 90 per cent of the world’s airline and commuter rail tray table latches says Griffin.

The Mount holds your ereader, tablet or smartphone at eye level for comfortable hands-free viewing meaning you've got your hands free to enjoy that Bloody Mary or gin and tonic.

The Tray Tablet Latch Mount will be introduced in an ereader and smartphone configuration some time after April 2012. Additional tablet models are planned Griffin tells Pocket-lint. Sadly they don't have a price as yet.

griffin tray table latch mount lets you go hands free on the plane image 2