Remember the 1982 Sci-Fi hit Blade Runner? Remember how in the film it was getting harder and harder to tell the difference between what was an android and what wasn’t? Well judging by this video, those lines are already starting to blur and we’ve still got 8 years to go.

While the film was set in 2019, the robot found in the video, uploaded to YouTube in 2010 looks to be copying moves made by the controller that is facing a video camera on a PC.

While that might not seem that impressive on the surface, it is the way that the female android moves that might make you question whether or not you are talking to a robot or a human.

Sadly there is very little detail associated with the video, where it is filmed, what the purpose of the maid robot is or when we are likely to see it out for us to talk in the shops or at home. 

But just think, if they are able to do this today, just think what they will be able to do in 8 years time.

Now where did I place that origami unicorn?

Do you think Blade Runner will be a reality in 8 years time? Let us know in the comments below