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(Pocket-lint) - Behind the cute exterior face of the Berg Little Printer, there lies a conscience that cares not for mother earth, couldn't give a monkeys about the monkeys and has been covering its ears and making loud noises whenever anyone dares to talk about sustainability.

For, in an age where we're encouraged to go green and to avoid printing anything unless absolutely necessary, Berg wants to make printing cool and fun. At least it's on a miniature scale we suppose.

The Berg Little printer connects up to the cloud and allows you, via an app (we're not sure if this is a web app or a native one at present), to select a load of content that you want printed on receipt like sized paper. Stuff such as puzzles, messages, horoscopes, pictures and lists, as well as content from launch partners Arup, Foursquare, Google, the Guardian, and Nike. And when it's finished printing, the cute little face re-appears.

You can also send things to your pals' Berg Little Printers. Printing starts when you push the little button on the top.

Berg is a design studio based in London and is the brain behind the invisible ink SVK comic.

The Little Printer is just the tip of the Berg though, there are plans afoot for more Berg Cloud devices to follow.

"It’s the beginning of the journey, and I hope you’ll be with us the whole way," said Berg's Matt Webb. "We’ll be sharing stories as Little Printer makes its way through manufacture and assembly, packaging and warehousing, new content development and new features, and all the way to beta product and beyond."

It's out next year. You can register your interest now.

Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 16 April 2013.