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(Pocket-lint) - The Android revolution has hit the slopes just in time for the ski-season, with the release of the Recon Instruments MOD Live ski goggles adaptor, which Pocket-lint got up close and personal with at the CES Unveiled event in London's Tech City.

The MOD Live device boasts a snap-fit modular design and creates goggles that feature Recon's Micro-Optics Display. This means that info is displayed on the visor so as the skier or snow boarder can tap into a wealth of data and info without having to kick off the snow from their snow boats and heading inside to use a PC.

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The GPS enabled specs will then provide skiers and riders with a variety of data including speed, jump analytics, vertical, altitude, location, distance, chrono/tracker, run-counter, and temperature.

The Live version (there is a basic MOD version) is Android based and, as such, comes packed with a number of apps. These being the ability to track your buddy's data, connectivity with your Android smartphone, a navigation app with trail maps, a music playlist app and camera connectivity.

There's also a remote control that sits on your wrist that connects via Bluetooth and the display optics are a third bigger than previous models. The MOD Live device fits any Recon Ready goggles, so that means options from brands like Uvex, Briko, Alpina, and Zeal Optics.

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They cost £319.99, the basic MOD adaptor is £209.99 and they are available now.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.