Marshall has announced two new products in its headphone lineup, the FX Major on-ear headphones and the FX Minor in-ear, that claim to play nicely with your iDevice as they come with Apple certification.

They are both also equipped with volume control and mic so you can liten to your tunes without fear of missing a call or having to fumble around in your pocket or bag for the volume rocker. The proprietary chip inside the microphone and remote will also allow for pausing and playing of music and the FX Minor will come with a range of bud sizes with a special EarClick system that should fsecure nicely in the ear.

The Marshall FX Major headphones are described by the company as a real workhorse, with comfy padding for all-day use and the headband made out of the same vinyl used in Marshall amplifiers. Not only this, but they are easily foldable when not in use.

The FX Major will come with a 6.3mm jack for use with an amplifier and will cost £120, whilst the FX Minor will set you back £50. You can find out more here.