Columbia, the outdoor clothing company, is about to launch a new range of T-shirts that will actively cool runners when they sweat.

The new technology, called Omni-Freeze Ice, works by detecting the moment moisture hits the fabric’s surface. That process then sets off a chemical reaction, which releases a cooling agent that reduces the temperature of the shirt, cooling the runner at the same time.

"Omni- Freeze Ice capitalises on the sweat that your body produces to deliver aggressive heat management," explains Columbia. "The moment moisture hits the fabric’s surface, the temperature of the fabric is lowered, creating an immediate cooling sensation."

The new material will be available in three garments; a Men’s Insight Ice Short Sleeve Crew, a Men’s Solar Polar 1/2 Zip, and a Women’s Insight Ice Short Sleve V-neck.

columbia omni freeze ice promises a cool run image 2

Not one to just take Columbia’s word for it, Pocket-lint got to try the new material at its UK launch, ahead of a further test we plan to do out on a series of runs.

As you can see from the picture, we strapped a tubi-grip like sample of the material onto one arm before the PR girl sprayed us with water. The effects were instant, with the arm feeling noticeably colder straight away. It was almost as if we had been sprayed with Deep Freeze.

Without going on a run, it is hard to determine at this stage whether or not that would be a pleasant thing, but it is clear from our quick test that you are going to feel cooler wearing this than a standard T-shirt - even it if has a wicking system.

That coolness should make the run more comfortable, which in turn should mean you are able to push yourself harder and hopefully faster.

The new range is out in the shops shortly.