Legendary guitar maker Gibson is to unleash a limited edition guitar system - The Gibson Firebird X - at the end of this month.

"Guitars on Pocket-lint?" we hear you cry. "Hells yeah," we answer - when there's this much tech on board, we're definitely interested.

The Firebird X is a revamped, 21st century version of the 1960's classic Gibson Firebird model, and comes packed with a whole host of innovation.

There's fourth generation robot tuners on board to do the boring work for you, computer plug-in technology for sound effects and recording, a dedicated app store for getting the most out of your futuristic axe and Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that no wires are needed to hook up to the expression pedal and footswitch unit.

Weighing just 2.7kg, the Firebird X packs a battery that will last for 2 hours and is swappable, packs a  Chrome Tone plug-in for multiple modulation, delay, and reverberation effects and a Pure-Analog engine, which provides access to third party developers' software to run on the guitar's engine.

"Innovation has always been the driving force at Gibson, and the Firebird X is nothing short of groundbreaking," said Henry Juszkiewicz, Gibson Guitar chairman and CEO.

"The Gibson Firebird X is truly the most technologically-advanced guitar ever conceived, with multiple built-in effects that take sonic capabilities to an entirely new level - while retaining the classic appeal of a finely-crafted, supremely playable instrument."

Limited to 1,800 models in two finishes - Redolution and Bluevolution - the Gibson Firebird X will go on sale on 30 September, priced at £3,299.