Pocket-lint has been a big fan of Griffin's iTrip FM transmitter for years, even back in the days when it was illegal to use in the UK.

But with the growing popularity of Bluetooth and aux-in options within cars, it's an accessory that we rarely make use of any longer.

And that's why its makers have revamped it for the smartphone age, adding an aux-in and iPhone charging option to the FM transmitter function with the Griffin iTrip DualConnect.

The DualConnect lets you use your iPhone to control the frequency settings, should you still wish to make use of that aspect, and setup is easy - you just press the SmartScan button and then tune your car radio to the radio frequency that it finds for you.

Alternatively, just use it to charge your iPhone or play tunes using the aux-in option from any device with a 3.5mm jack. The charger also packs some illuminated buttons, making it easier to control on the go.

The Griffin iTrip DualConnect will hit shops later on this month, priced at £39.99.