Pioneer is well tight with the street bruv, you get me? And by street we don't mean hoodlums kicking in windows and making off with TVs and PS3s, we're talking street dance - the urban cool movement that has taken a hold across the land in the last few years.

Pioneer's Steez brand has been introduced to "meet the needs of street dancers". Those needs, the audio expert will hope, will be met by the newly announced special dancer function audio players, a club-style personal music player and some matching headphones.

All of the devices come rocking with street-dance centric features such as Auto Battle Mode, DJ Mix Mode and Tempo Control and are designed to work with Mixtrax, free software which analyses stuff like beat positions, melodies and speed.

The Steez Audio speakers come in two sizes; the mini STZ-D10T and the big-boy STZ-D10. Both have 4GB of on-board storage, QVGA displays (2.4-inch or 3.5-inch) and are portable players packing a punch. Think ghetto-blasters, but for the 21st century.

pioneer streetwise with new steez audio range image 5

The Steez Portable is a "non-Stop Mix Player capable of mixed playback of automatically selected tracks", and is designed to be teamed up with the Steez headphones; noise isolating cans boasting rich low-pass playback courtesy of a 40mm large diameter speaker.

No word on prices for the Steez range as of yet, but it should all be available in November.

Wicked. Or something like that.