What would happen if your Pure Sensia woke up in the middle of the night feeling a bit amorous and made sweet love to your iPock dock?

Too weird an opening sentence? Actually, yes - we'll leave it there, but needless to say it was going to involve a detailed description of a gadget-based pregnancy, a drawn-out custody battle and a hybrid offspring.

And that offspring was going to be the Magicbox Beam - an iPod docking system that also has a DAB, FM (with RDS) and Internet Radio thrown in.

The Beam packs a 3.5-inch colour TFT touchscreen that we have to say, after getting our hands on, is a lot more responsive than the Pure Sensia's, if perhaps not as good looking. It'll show your iThing's track info as well. Streaming audio is also possible thanks to its Wi-Fi capabilities.

In terms of sound there are 2x10W speakers and if you don't own an iDevice you can plug your non-Apple (gasp) MP3 player in using the aux-in port at the back.

At £179.99 it comes in at a fair bit cheaper than the Sensia as well. It's out on 15 September.