The UK apparently wastes around £900 million a year powering gadgets that are fully charged (with Mrs Pocket-lint accounting for roughly a third of this) so iDapt has done something to cut the cost to our wallets, and Mother Nature's health, by unveiling its lean green gadget charging machine - the iDapt i1.

The i1 uses the same tip system that we liked from the i4 system and also offers a second USB port so you can charge two of your devices at once.

And the good news is that it won't keep pumping power once your kit is fully juiced-up and you can even leave it plugged into the wall, safe in the knowledge that it isn't draining unnecessary power.

The i1 is made of recycled plastic and comes in packaging made of recycled materials as well - another couple of ticks for the green brigade - and in the box you'll find mini USB, micro USB and iDevice dock connectors, as well as a USB 9v car adaptor.

Priced at a penny short of £20, you can pre-order the iDapt i1 from Firebox now - it expects to get its stock in on 3 August.