For those unaware of exactly what a fixie is, it is a gear-less bicycle that only the coolest of the cool use to dart about the trendy areas of any cosmopolitan city. 

The fixie works by transferring power from pedals to rear wheel like any conventional bicycle, difference is that you can't freewheel, so you slow the bike by backpedalling. This does make going down hills extremely hairy and going up hills doubly tiring. 

The new releases from Halfords however feature what are called 'flip flop hubs', essentially a back wheel that can be flipped over to allow freewheeling.

Both bikes are made by SE bikes, a company with a good single speed history known for producing value for money cycles. The cheaper of the two, the Draft, features a pair of brakes, some decent Alex rims and nice Kenda tires. The purple and yellow SE frame is a particular highlight, likely to prove a hit with the trendies. The more expensive Lager however is our personal favourite, featuring bullhorn bars and Vitroria Randonneur tyres. The blue and silver paint scheme is particularly tasty.

The fixie is quickly become the commuters bicycle of choice, things like 700c wheels and extremely easy maintenance thanks to lack of gears, mean they are perfect for riding to work. 

A word of warning however from Pocket-lint's own fixie experience, expect things to be a seriously bumpy ride if you're used to suspension. A stiff frame and ultra thin tyres mean every bump and jolt are transferred up the bike into the seat and directly onto you ahem...bits.  

The Draft is priced in at £319, with the slightly more expensive Lager retailing at £429