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(Pocket-lint) - Austrian company QuickSmart has been manufacturing its Back Pack Stroller for some time, but it's never been available in the UK, much to the dismay of travelling British parents. They too wanted to be able to pack an entire pushchair into an easy to carry and store rucksack.

However, now they can, as Amazon.co.uk is offering the packable baby buggy through its online store. And at £119, it's quite reasonably priced too.

The stroller comes with three wheels for maneuverability, a canopy, cloth seating area, weighs less than 4kg, and is suitable for a child aged from six-months (up to 33lbs/15kg). It features a padded seat and footrest, and a shopping basket for, you know, shopping and that. In fact, in almost every way, it's just like any conventional pushchair.

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The twist is that it completely folds up into a back pack, so you can carry it comfortably when not in use and, most cunningly, take it on a flight as hand luggage rather than stow it in the hold. Many parents have suffered the woe of having to wait ages for their buggy to be returned after disembarkation, and even left aghast when their prized Bugaboo arrives battered and bruised. The Back Pack Stroller eliminates that.

Having seen the chair at the recent Amazon Christmas Wish List event, Pocket-lint can definitely vouch for its sturdiness and light, carryable frame - although we didn't get to see it fold up into bag form as the version we manhandled was only a prototype.

Nonetheless, we think Amazon and QuickSmart are onto a winner here. The only argument left is who has to sling the thing on their back, mum or dad...

Writing by Rik Henderson.