Griffin has announced the UK arrival of two of our favourite things from CES back in January - the Griffin Crayola ColorStudio HD and the Griffin Beacon Universal Remote.

The launches come as part of Griffin's AppPowered accessories range - a new area for the Nashville-based company. AppPowered accessories are those that, you guessed it, work in tandem with smartphone and tablet apps in order to "improve products and add further functionality".

Back at CES we got hands on with the Crayola ColorStudio HD - which combines a drawing application for the iPad with a digital stylus labelled the iMarker.

There are live animations available as well as moving, interactive pictures - and the iMarker can also take on the guise of  a marker, crayon, pen or a paintbrush. The final pictures can be printed out through AirPrint, or can be emailed or posted directly to Facebook from within the application.

We also got up close and personal with the Griffin Beacon Universal Remote, which was designed in partnership with software developer Dijit.

griffin apppowered accessories range goes live image 2

It's a Bluetooth IR transmitter that can, effectively, be placed anywhere within a room, as long as the kit it's controlling is in line-of-sight. The device looks like a pebble and is relatively small, plus, as it is wireless, it doesn't need to be near a power-source and can run up to 2 months on four AA batteries.

It uses an iOS app to create a remote control from your iDevice and uses a constantly updated device code library so it will work with your TV, set-top box, sound system and other media players. It can also be taught to work with devices not in its armoury.

"We are convinced that AppPowered accessories are the future of the mobile accessories market," said Mark Rowan, president of Griffin Technology.

"Consumer technology has made huge advancements in the last few years in both hardware and software. Sales in the iOS, smartphone and tablet market are flourishing and the number of applications available is phenomenal. 

"It is clear to us that interaction between hardware and software is the future of the consumer technology market; enabling the consumer to get the best out of their product."

The Griffin Crayola ColorStudio HD is available now priced at £24.99 and the Griffin Beacon Universal Remote will hit Apple Stores later this month and will cost £54.99.