iPhone and iPod docks don't come much slicker than the Swiss made Geneva Sound Model S DAB.

The piano-lacquered cabinet features an LED that shines through the front grill which shows things like volume and track names. On top is a clever "touch light" display similar to the iPods of yore, which uses touch sensitive controls that light up when your fingers come in contact with them. 

The dock itself is motorised, closing when you remove your iPhone or iPod to keep the contacts below extra safe. 

The built-in DAB radio can be used in conjunction with a programmable alarm clock to wake you up in the morning. It can also be controlled via the included remote or controls on top of the player.

The Model S uses two 3-inch drivers and a pair of bass ports to bring high quality playback from your iPod, whilst keeping things as small as possible. 

Wi-Fi compatibility keeps up the cutting edge approach to the Model S, meaning uncompressed audio can be played back via receiver dongles and the 3.5mm input. There is also a chrome table stand included in the package onto which you can place the 30-watt iPhone/iPod amplifier and speaker.

Geneva Sound has done a good job keeping the Model S compact, sizing up at just 23.5 x 15.6 x17.6cm. It weighs just 3.35kg, meaning you can quite easily plonk it in your kitchen if you fancy a bit of cooking to the radio. 

The Model S is priced in at £379 and is available now in white,black,red or silver. 

Fan of docks? Or do you prefer separates?