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(Pocket-lint) - Anybody that finds themselves in an airport regularly will tell you that getting from the plane to baggage claim can be a fair old schlep sometimes.

Whether it’s Heathrow Terminal 5, Schiphol or Chicago O’Hare, having to walk all that way is a pain.


In steps the Micro Luggage, a team-up between the chaps that make the Micro Scooters that have been around since the late-1990s and Samsonite with its suitcases. The result is a suitcase with a built-in Micro Scooter that lets you get to where you’re going, tout suite.

Pocket-lintfly through the airport with samsonite scooter luggage image 12

A quick go on the new ride-on suitcase shows us that it’s designed with adults in mind, and there is plenty of storage space for a good short trip, or slightly longer one if you pack well (roll your clothes, remember) within the hard-shelled suitcase.

And, when you’re amongst more “serious” colleagues, the scooter element can be folded up and it becomes just another wheelie bag.

Designed to conform with most overhead locker requirements, it's light and tough, and we can’t see this being a problem on aircraft as a carry on. The maker of the case tells Pocket-lint that it's had no problems around Europe. However, what the TSA in the US would say is another matter.

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Still, if the thought of zipping around the airport sounds like the kind of fun you want to have then you should rush to pick up one of just 30 that have landed in the UK. More are promised, of course, but it's a case of get them while they are hot.

Yours for around £200-250 from micro-scooters.co.uk.

Writing by Stuart Miles.