Food and smartphone unite! A Japanese case manufacturer has created this pair of awesome culinary iPhone 4 cases.

We imagine the idea of a giant slab of plastic eel pinned to the back of your handset is not going to be particularly ergonomically friendly. But then what other iPhone cases get the taste buds flowing as much as these.

The Japanese are well known for their obsession with plastic food. Kappabashi-dori in Tokyo is almost entirely dedicated to the sale of fake grub for shop windows. Everything from plastic rice and noodles to giant fake fish heads can be picked up.

japanese cuisine in iphone case form image 2

The cases come in two different forms; the first is an Unagi-don or eel on rice, the second is a cold ramen option. For the food obsessed it is worth heading over to Strapya world, which specialises in the bizarre iPhone cases regularly turned out from Japan.

Like the cases? Or have you seen better?