Budding shakycam shooters or fans of the cameraphone look will enjoy this one. The OWLE Bubo essentially transforms your iPhone 4 into a miniature HD camera, complete with macro and wide-angle lens. 

Also included is built in colour correction filters, adjustable mic and a massive Rotolight HD ring light for low-light shooting. 

The Bubo has four tripod mounts to keep things still while you are shooting. The idea is that the Bubo provides a platform with which you can attach and use other accessories on your iPhone 4 when filming. 

You might have heard that Oldboy director Park Chan-Wook produced a film using only an iPhone 4. Clearly Chan-Wook has started something there, a platform like the Bubo means you could legitimately use the iPhone 4 to shoot short films. 

The lenses in particular help to up the iPhone camera ante by adding far better levels of colour saturation and clarity.

The OWLE Bubo is currently available on Amazon.co.uk priced at £275. However, we've just seen that there's currently only nine of them left in stock so you'd better get a wriggle on if you don't want to wait.

Fancy a bit of iPhone 4 film action? Or you prefer your footage higher than 720p?