If you were going to add a touchscreen interface to what is already quite a successful device you'd probably add touch to its title. But not so for Barnes & Noble who has simply added "All-New" in front of its ereader moniker - Nook - for the Wi-Fi only device sequel.

The All-New Nook has just been announced over in the States and, as stated brings touchscreen controls to the Nook Wi-Fi table. There's no 3G on this model - but it does boast an incredible 2 month battery life with the Wi-Fi radio switched off.

It's display is a 6-inch one, and it's fairly buttonless (37 less buttons than the latest Kindle apparently as there's no physical QWERTY.

It weighs in a just 212g and has 2GB of on board storage, expandable via microSD. It's powered by Android 2.1 and your eBook needs are met by the online Barnes & Noble digital store.

"We set out to design the easiest-to-use, most optimised, dedicated reading device ever created and accomplished it with the All-New Nook," said William Lynch, CEO of Barnes & Noble.

"Touch makes it simple to use, and the beautifully compact design makes it the most portable ereader in its class. Add to that an unmatched battery life, the most advanced paper-like touch display on the market and wireless access to the world's largest digital bookstore, and we believe that for readers of all ages, the All-New Nook is the best eReader on the market."

Amazon may have something to say about that - given that the All-New Nook comes in at the same price as its massively successful Wi-Fi only Kindle at $139.

It's gonna be available, in the States, on 10 June - you can pre-order now.