ThinkGeek's Playmobil Apple Store April Fools' Day gag was so good that many of the site's other made-up products for the day were overshadowed. One of which was the Chocolate Zombie Bunny that the US online retailer was proposing for Easter. That was a well-crafted prank too...

Not any more though, as it's the first of ThinkGeek's mythical products from its 2011 April Fools line-up to become a real item. Now you can munch on a Zombie Bunny in the comfort of your own home.

The bunny is made from 8-ounces of solid white chocolate and dyed using food colouring. It's completely edible, although the site makes no guarantees that after munching on its braiiiiiinnnnnssss you won't be infected by the zombie virus yourself. However, it does advise that if you want to save the world, you should "bite his head off!!!"

The Chocolate Zombie Bunny is available for order now for $14.99 (£9.21). UK munchers of undead rabbits should be aware that international postage and packing may add more than double to the cost.