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(Pocket-lint) - When Steve Jobs first suggested that you could wear the new iPod nano as a watch, we were belly laughing for a week. But when Griffin pressed one of their new Courier Bands into our cynical mitts, we thought we’d have to do the right thing and give it a proper go.

The Courier Band essentially is a silicone strap that will let you slip your diminutive Apple iPod nano into the housing where it is reasonably secured.

Raised blobs on the top indicate the button locations, an opening lets you plug in your headphones and a rubber flap will peel aside so you can access the dock connector for charging.

The strap features metal reinforced holes, into which the “clasp” fits. Basically it just plugs into the holes, so it isn’t as secure as a regular watch strap which passes through a buckle, but it seemed secure enough when we were wearing it around town.

Pocket-lintwrist wear your nano with the griffin courier band image 3

The rubber material is flexible enough to be comfortable but suffers a major problem: it attracts dust and debris like nobody’s business. After a few hours of wearing, we found it to be liberally adorned with fluff, dust and everything else, which detracted from the overall aesthetics.

Attaching headphones is as simple as plugging them in, however it does look a little odd having a cable running from your wrist to your ears. It’s damn inconvenient too, as it swings around as you walk and you run a fair chance of garrotting passing children and animals. 

Fear not, dear readers, as the solution we resorted to was threading the headphone wire up the sleeve to appear at the neck opening. And yes, we did use to thread the headphone wire up a sleeve in Mr Frigginbottom's Advanced Maths class back in school, so it seemed a logical solution.

The Griffin Courier Band will set you back £19.99 and it’s available from the Apple Store.

Writing by Chris Hall.