Spanish wave specialist Pukas has unleashed a super high tech surfboard, in partnership with Tecnalia, which it states is the "first high performance surfboard in the world".

And whilst the board won't turn you into Kelly Slater overnight, it will help you analyse and hone your surfing skills.

That's because it's packing plenty of tech at the tip of your toes, including a gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, compass, and flex sensors - with the data collected from these components saved onto an onboard storage device for later reading.

And what's more, all of this tech only adds around 650g to the the weight of the board. Gnarly.

"Surfing is still a sport governed by feelings," says Pukas. "The driving forces behind this joint project, Pukas and Tecnalia, aim to 'turn feelings into facts and figures' and provide as yet unquantified data that can be directly applied to improve the features of surfboards, the technical performance of surfers and/or measurement of parameters during competition."

The Tecnalia Surfsens by Pukas isn't available to buy yet - it's currently being tested by some of the world's top surfers.

It all sounds brilliant but we're just concerned that if a big shark comes along and takes a chunk then we could well have a robo-shark disaster on our hands.