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(Pocket-lint) - What are you doing on the 6 January 2022? Well if you like gadgets and the latest gear from the world of consumer electronics, then hopefully you’ll be tuning into Pocket-lint to find out what we’ve got to report on from CES.

The Consumer Electronics Association in America has confirmed that the world’s largest consumer electronics tradeshow will be staying in Vegas for the next 10 years and has gone as far as giving those interested, presumably for the purpose of booking tickets and hotels, the chance to see exactly when the show is on.

The dates are as follows:

CES 2012: 10-13 January 2012 (Tuesday-Friday)

CES 2013: 8-11 January 2013 (Tuesday-Friday)

CES 2014: 7-10 January, 2014 (Tuesday-Friday)

CES 2015: 8-11 January, 2015 (Thursday-Sunday)

CES 2016: 7-10 January, 2016 (Thursday-Sunday)

CES 2017: 5-8 January, 2017 (Thursday-Sunday)

CES 2018: 10-13 January, 2018 (Wednesday-Saturday)

CES 2019: 10-13 January, 2019 (Thursday-Sunday)

CES 2020: 9-12 January, 2020 (Thursday-Sunday)

CES 2021: 7-10 January, 2021 (Thursday-Sunday)

CES 2022: 6-9 January, 2022 (Thursday-Sunday)

With the show now confirmed for the next 10 years it got us thinking what we might be writing about in 2022.

Last year, as part of our Future Week, we asked a junket of journalists what they thought they would be writing about in 2015, and we got some interesting answers. We even had a go ourselves at trying to predict what the Kindle, iPhone, games console, camera and TV would like; but in 10 years time, now that’s a different thing altogether.

What do you think you’ll be reading about in the future? Let us know in the comments below. 

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.