We at Pocket-lint love snow. Heck, why else would we be throwing a week-long celebration of the white-stuff if we weren't truly enamoured by it.

But, even despite our adulation for the frosty precipitation, we're practical enough to realise that snow can cause problems - and no more so than the fact that it has the ability to make us fall arse-over-tit on a regular basis.

So that's where these bad boys will come in handy - the Small Foot snow shows from AnyExit.

Boasting to be the world's smallest snow shoes, the Small Foot shoes are "inflatable, compact, light, secure and with innovative construction".

They can be packed away into a pocket-sized bag (you wouldn't want to walk around in doors with them on, after all) that also has space for the pump you'll need to inflate them.

Once pumped, these blow-up sneakers will keep you above the snow, like a walking hover-craft, rather than sinking down and getting wet toes.

There are no price details as of yet (apart from "a fair price") but you can go see the Small Foot shoes for yourself over in Munich at the ISPO Brand New expo between 6 and 9 February.