Officially called the Fortune Hanebrink Electric All-Terrian Vehicle, this super fat-wheeled electric bike sees its origins in the "Ice Bike", which was designed as an alternative to skis to transport equipment across the Antarctic.

Fast-forward 10 years and we’re looking at the sexiest electric bike we’ve seen so far. It has two 20 x 8-inch wheels front and back giving a massive surface area to skip across sand and snow, and a 600 watt motor that will see it do 20mph - and that’s before you start pedalling.

The low, centre-mounted motor means the weight isn’t stuck on the front or back wheel and ensures balance and stability in turns. The bike features 14-speed Shimano gearing and a rear rack that will hold up to 45kg of cargo.

The standard li-ion battery will give you 1-hour of run time, but it can be loaded with up to five batteries, giving you over 100 miles of riding. The frame is aluminium, with carbon fibre seat post and handlebars.

We want one, and we know you do too, but we suspect the $5500 starting price might be a problem.