Marantz has announced its latest network audio player - the NA7004 - and it's a beast that packs an absolute wealth of features.

Packed into the Marantz NA7004 is the same CS4398 stereo DAC also found in the £1000 SA-KI Pearl Lite player, and there's also a USB D/A converter and direct play from your iPod or iPhone.

As well as its streaming capabilities - it's DLNA and Windows 7 compatible and can handle the latest file formats including high-quality 24-bit FLAC - it's also packing an Apple AirPlay option too.

The NA7004 also boasts internet radio, Napster and and a DAB/DAB+ and FM/AM tuner.

"Demonstrating Marantz’s commitment to getting the best from your music - whatever the format - the NA7004 places an experienced audiophile arm around shoulders of the latest musical formats and expertly guides them into the wonderful world of high fidelity", reads the official gumph.

The Marantz NA7004 will cost you £699.99, and you'll have to pay an additional premium (40 euros or so) for the AirPlay features.