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(Pocket-lint) - Designed to work with iShred Live, Griffin's StompBox utilises the iPad and the application to give you a fully functioning, almost limitless electric guitar pedalboards. Instead of having a board of numerous "stompboxes" wired up in a row, you can now just use one device, with the tablet computer allowing you to switch between effects.

Frontier Design's iShred Live software has been on the app store for a while. However, it has always required manual control. It allows you to switch from different guitar effects, each with their own unique properties, and effectively use the iPad as an amplifier. And now, when hooked-up to the StompBox, you can assign four of the different pedals to foot-controlled buttons.

Pocket-lintgriffin stompbox and mic stand mount for ipad hands on image 2

The StompBox comes with a meaty connection cable, although you will have to buy an extra GuitarConnect cable from Griffin to plug it into an, ahem, guitar. And, while it is probably best suited to the extra real estate afforded by the iPad, it will also work on other iOS devices (as will the iShred Live app).

Other connectivity also includes a 1/4-inch jack that can accommodate variable inputs like volume, expression or wah-wah pedals. And future compatible music applications are planned on the horizon.

Certainly, in practice, it made the selection of different effects smooth and trouble-free, and Pocket-lint could see it being used in recording and rehearsal studios up and down the country.

That also applies to another, complementary new Griffin product; the Mic Stand Mount for iPad. Simple, yet sturdy, the mount clips onto the back of an iPad and screws into any industry standard microphone stand.

That's really all there is to it. It's ideal for using iShred Live, as we did, along with the StompBox, but it will also be highly effective to keep the iPad in place for reading music, lyric sheets and the like.

The StompBox itself will be available in the first quarter (February/March) for £69.99, and the Mic Stand Mount will be out this month (January) for £29.99. The iShred Live application is free to download from the App Store now, but subsequent effects pedals are available through its in-app store for £1.19 each.

Rock on.

Writing by Rik Henderson.